Espresso Elements are very proud to be part of the Suspended Coffee Society in Melbourne. We have already got more than 50 suspended coffees in our jar and a couple of people have started redeeming them now and again. What we really need is to spread the word so that people in need know they can come to us for a lovely hot cup of coffee.

Want to know more about what the Suspended Coffee Society is? Just read this leaflet or visit their website or Facebook page.


Well the new look Espresso Elements has been open for a few months now and we are loving the feedback. The shop is so much brighter and feels much more spacious and trendy and all our customers seem to agree which is great.

The new menu also seems to be a hit so make sure if you haven’t already tried something you pop down and visit.

Delicious fresh banana smoothies, tasty milkshakes and Jamie’s new espresso & vanilla frappe that many of you may have tried over the summer as he experimented with it. We also now serve gorgeous, hot fruit bread with butter, perfect for breakfast on the run or enjoyed with a coffee and the paper. This month we took our first delivery of macarons. Espresso, Chocolate, Pistachio and Raspberry last week. This week we have caramel, chocolate, lemon and raspberry.

We also have great kids options and 15 different flavours of hot chocolate so why not pop in after school and say hello!


Cold Drip Coffee!

Perfect for a refreshing alternative to iced coffee.

Cold drip coffee is created by substituting the high temperatures of espresso extraction for ridiculously long brew times. A cold drip system works by releasing a single drop of cold water every second or so. Those drops repeatedly land on a coarse bed of coffee grounds packed into the middle cylinder of the apparatus over a period of around 12 hours. The water migrates through the coffee bed, extracting solids and oils along the way, before ending its journey in a decanter. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this elaborate, time-consuming operation is the effect, or lack there of, that cold water has on the extraction process. The use of low temperatures leaves a good portion of chlorogenic acids and caffeine unextracted, thus producing a far less bitter brew than even conventional hot water brew methods.

At Espresso Elements you can try our delicious cold drip served black over ice or with ice and vanilla milk. Both are fabulous and really allow you to taste all the different flavours in the beans. We are currently using our Daily Blend No1 but we will experiment with a few other over the coming months so why not give it a try and see what you think.



Espresso Elements has just started selling empty coffee capsules! Why?? Because we know that while everyone LOVES our coffee, lots of people now have Nespresso coffee machines that use coffee capsules and we would like everyone to be able to enjoy our coffee, including those of you who have pod machines.

So basically, you buy a pack of empty capsules and foil lids and choose your favourite type of Espresso Elements coffee beans. We will then grind them freshly for you and that’s you ready to start. Each capsule takes around 10-15 seconds to fill and seal, that’s the same time your machine takes to heat up! Perfect!

Why do we think this is such a good idea? Well when you buy ready filled capsules from the supermarket or coffee stores, you have no idea how long they have been sitting there for. As with all ground coffee, the fresher the better. So why buy capsules that could have been sitting for months when you can have capsules that you fill yourself from fabulous, freshly roasted coffee, that we don’t grind until you need it! Sounds fairly sensible doesn’t it!

This month we have an introductory offer for these pods! The normal price will be $26.50 for 50 or $53.00 for 100 empty capsules plus $8.50 for every 250g of coffee you purchase with the capsules.

This month we are selling them for $30 (250g of coffee and 50 empty capsules) or $60 (500g of coffee and 100 empty capsules). That is only $0.60 per filled pod – what a deal!!


Coffee is a perishable so storing your coffee correctly is essential. The problem is, everyone gives slightly different advice as to what the perfect method for storing coffee is. So we have read all the research and turns out, we were right all along. Let us fill you in on the facts…

Coffee has a few major enemies. These are oxygen, UV light, moisture and heat. By keeping your coffee away from these things, it will stay fresher for longer. But how do we do that?

Try to store your coffee in a vacuum container when you get it home from the store. 80% of the flavour and aroma comes from the natural bean oils and these dissipate quickly when in contact with oxygen so a container that we can remove the oxygen from is ideal. An airtight container will also do a pretty good job. A cool, dark and dry place is the best environment to store your coffee.

Can you refrigerate coffee?

Absolutely not! The fridge is one of the worst places you can store your coffee. Normal fridges are ‘wet’ and coffee will absorb all the other smells in your fridge so just avoid putting any coffee in there at all.

Can you freeze coffee?

Apparently yes! Coffee does not actually freeze and it won’t go hard like meat or other food stuffs. This is due to the oil content of the coffee. Freezers are also relatively ‘dry’ because they dehumidify the air to avoid things frosting. The low temperature will also shrink the molecules of the coffee and this will help to retain the freshness and flavour components. There may be a small amount of condensation forms on the bean when you remove from the freezer but so long as you NEVER refreeze the bean this should not cause too many problems. The rule seems to be that if you cannot buy fresh coffee every 2 weeks and you need to buy in bulk then it is better to freeze than to leave the coffee out in a container to go stale. It is however very important that you divide the coffee into weekly portions and wrap in an vacuum sealed bag (you can suck the air out with a straw) so that once you take it out of the freezer it never has to go back in again.

At the end of the day, if coffee tasted better from the freezer then it would be sold frozen. We always advise people to buy as small a quantity as possible so that they are always using fresh coffee but sometimes it is just not possible or cost effective  for people to get to the shops this often and it is in that case that you would freeze the coffee in small portions.

Espresso Elements sells bags from 100g up to 1kg so you can decide exactly how much you need. We also only sell whole beans but are more than happy to grind them as you require when you have purchased them. Please try to avoid buying pre ground beans where possible. Most good coffee suppliers will be happy to grind their fresh beans on the spot.

We also sell VacuVin which is a fabulous, specially designed container in our shop on Hampton Street and in our online store


Don’t forget we have great ideas for Christmas presents! Whether you are looking for a coffee machine for someone extra special or just lots of stocking fillers for the coffee lovers in your life we have some great options. We can even put together a coffee hamper if you don’t want the stress of having to think! Tell us how much you want to spend and we can throw some ideas around with you. All you need to do is pop in and collect!

Know someone outside Melbourne that would love our coffee? Why not treat them to our coffee subscription…all you have to do is pick how long you want to treat them to our delicious, house roasted coffee and we will send it freshly ground (or not ground at all) to their door every month!

Drop in or give us a call!


Don’t forget that if you write a message on our Facebook wall and then show one of our baristas you will be given a voucher for a free coffee!!

How easy is that!?



Did you know Espresso Elements has a number of coffee machines plugged in and ready to go in store?

If you are looking to buy a coffee machine but just can’t quite decide which to go for why not arrange to have a demonstration with one of our baristas? We can show you how each of the machines we have on display works and you can even have a go yourself to get the feel of them. Our friendly staff will be able to answer any questions you have and we generally have most of the machines in stock at the shop so, if you can’t wait a minute longer, you can take it away there and then!

Pop in and ask Jamie, Jenny or Callum for more information.

Click this link to see more about our coffee machines.


Why not help yourself to some of our fresh coffee grounds next time you are in Hampton

They are great for your garden and all sorts of other things!


Espresso Elements is very pleased to be back to 4.5 beans in the Melbourne Coffee Guide
this year!

We have managed to pick up an extra 5 points and would love to hear your views…

Well done to the Espresso Elements Team who have worked so hard over the past 12
months to make your Espresso Elements experience so much better!!

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