Espresso Elements has just started selling empty coffee capsules! Why?? Because we know that while everyone LOVES our coffee, lots of people now have Nespresso coffee machines that use coffee capsules and we would like everyone to be able to enjoy our coffee, including those of you who have pod machines.

So basically, you buy a pack of empty capsules and foil lids and choose your favourite type of Espresso Elements coffee beans. We will then grind them freshly for you and that’s you ready to start. Each capsule takes around 10-15 seconds to fill and seal, that’s the same time your machine takes to heat up! Perfect!

Why do we think this is such a good idea? Well when you buy ready filled capsules from the supermarket or coffee stores, you have no idea how long they have been sitting there for. As with all ground coffee, the fresher the better. So why buy capsules that could have been sitting for months when you can have capsules that you fill yourself from fabulous, freshly roasted coffee, that we don’t grind until you need it! Sounds fairly sensible doesn’t it!

This month we have an introductory offer for these pods! The normal price will be $26.50 for 50 or $53.00 for 100 empty capsules plus $8.50 for every 250g of coffee you purchase with the capsules.

This month we are selling them for $30 (250g of coffee and 50 empty capsules) or $60 (500g of coffee and 100 empty capsules). That is only $0.60 per filled pod – what a deal!!