Cold Drip Coffee!

Perfect for a refreshing alternative to iced coffee.

Cold drip coffee is created by substituting the high temperatures of espresso extraction for ridiculously long brew times. A cold drip system works by releasing a single drop of cold water every second or so. Those drops repeatedly land on a coarse bed of coffee grounds packed into the middle cylinder of the apparatus over a period of around 12 hours. The water migrates through the coffee bed, extracting solids and oils along the way, before ending its journey in a decanter. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this elaborate, time-consuming operation is the effect, or lack there of, that cold water has on the extraction process. The use of low temperatures leaves a good portion of chlorogenic acids and caffeine unextracted, thus producing a far less bitter brew than even conventional hot water brew methods.

At Espresso Elements you can try our delicious cold drip served black over ice or with ice and vanilla milk. Both are fabulous and really allow you to taste all the different flavours in the beans. We are currently using our Daily Blend No1 but we will experiment with a few other over the coming months so why not give it a try and see what you think.