Bailetti Moka Express (Aluminium)

Moka Express is the world’s number one coffee-maker and has been manufactured in over 200 million units. For an excellent cup of Italian coffee, Moka Express is the classic household coffee-pot and the only one to bear the unique mark of the “little fellow with the moustache”.

Moka Express can boasts a lot of records: it is even the most copied coffee-maker! What else could be said? That its quality just improves with use.

Our Moka Express is available in the following sizes:

1 Espresso Cup = 60ml (max. boiler capacity)
3 Espresso Cup = 200ml (max. boiler capacity)
6 Espresso Cup = 300ml (max. boiler capacity)
9 Espresso Cup = 550ml (max. boiler capacity)
12 Espresso Cup = 775ml (max. boiler capacity)

* Please note that the max. boiler capacity is slightly more than the final output since there is always a little water left in the boiler after brewing.

Size:  1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 Cup
Material:  Aluminum body

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Price: from $34.95

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Bialetti Venus (Stainless Steel) – 4 CUP

The Bialetti Venus,  stove-top espresso coffee maker is stylish, functional, and makes delicious espresso. The handle is a heat proof ergonomic black  handle.

The Venus Stove Top espresso maker will also work on induction stoves.

Size:  4 or 6 Cups
Material:  Stainless Steel

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Price: from $69.95

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Bialetti Mukka Express

Get ready to revolutionize your cappuccino experience!

The first of it’s kind, this ingenious novelty allows you to prepare two creamy mugs of perfect cappuccino.

Mukka Express is easy to use and very simple to clean and allows you to prepare 2 cups of cappuccino or milk coffee.

The Mukka Express features the following capacity:

2 Cappuccino Cups= 440ml (max. OUTPUT capacity)

* Please note that the cup side refers to the cappuccino output including espresso, milk & froth

Size:   2 Cup
Colour:  Cow Print
Material:  Aluminium

Price: $149.00

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Bialetti Tutto Crema

The Tutto Crema is a milk frother which heats on the stove. It has two sieves for silky frothing and is Teflon coated for easy cleaning.

Dishwasher Safe.

Size:  2-3 Cups
Material:  Aluminium
Colour:  Teflon Coasted (Gun Metal Grey)

Price: $59.95

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