Anfim Best Grinders


The Anfim BEST grinder, with its classic design, optimises the potential outcome when using fresh coffee, a better alternative to using pre-ground coffee for home use. It is equally at home in a small bar, restaurant or espresso bar environment as a second grinder for decaffeinated coffee beans or a single origin bean.


  • Quality Construction: The powerful motor of these semi-commercial quality grinders ensures consistent grinding results required for high quality espresso machines and ultimate espresso cup quality.
  • Tempered Steel Burr Grinding Wheels: Made of tempered steel, these grinding blades will provide a long life with excellent performance. The consistent grind size is the key in the production of a superior espresso with rich flavour and aroma.
  • Grind Applications: French Press, Percolator, Vacuum Pot, Drip Coffee, Stove Top Mocha, Espresso Machines (for both traditional and pressurised filter handle types).

Technical Features

  • Tempered Flat Burrs; 54mm (Doser) / 50mm (Doserless)
  • Hopper Capacity; 500g
  • Motor; 300W (Doser) / 100W (Doserless)
  • Gear Reduction; Yes
  • Dispensing; Adjustable Dose 5 - 10g (Doser) / Direct Discharge (Doserless)
  • Grind Settings; 25
  • Housing Material; Polished Alloy (Doser) / Chrome Steel (Doserless)
  • Weight; 8 Kg (Doser) / 5 Kg (Doserless)
  • Dimensions; 14.5 W x 38 H x 24 D cm (Doser) / 13.5 W x 38 H x 17 D cm (Doserless)
* Cycles recommended by manufacturer.
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Price: from $660.00

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